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Mobile Phone service at your Doorsteps in Dubai

Mr Phone is a unique solution provider for mobile phone service in Dubai. A solution where our technician comes directly to your doorsteps and repair your cellphone, then and there. Mr Phone provides free pickup and delivery in cases where your iPhone needs to be admitted for diagnosing major issues. The company employs qualified technicians for the repairs who are certified and have prior experience in the domain. The standard procedures for repairs and operations are followed and only the authentic spare components are selected and installed into your smartphone.

Apple iPhone repair Dubai

The iPhone is strong and stylish, but like any other product, it can get damaged in the course of time. Damage may be caused by simple day to day activities and buying a new one is not an economic solution to the problem. Even more so, handing over your iPhone to a random amateur dealer in Dubai is not so much of a good idea.
The Apple iPhone is our premier merchandise and we specialize in the iPhone repair service in Dubai. The onsite repair techies are fully capable of making repairs when it comes to minor iOS errors or even hardware damages like iPhone XS Screen Repair. The repairs are guaranteed to fix your phone and making it last longer.

Android Phone Repairs

A number of mobile phone companies like Samsung, Blackberry and Sony rely on the Android for their smartphones. The android makes the operating system of the phones similar in smartphones regardless of the make and model. The complexities in service and repair vary among smartphone manufacturers.
Mr Phone employs technical experts who were previously employed by top cell phone manufacturers. Making it a collection of experts on multiple phone devices. A customer in the UAE can simply call up or describe the issue and have the comfort of receiving their Android mobile phone serviced in Dubai, right there at their home or office.