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Know About Our Accessories

Enhance your iPhone experience with our curated selection of premium accessories at MrPhone Dubai. We offer a wide range of accessories designed to complement and protect your device while providing added functionality. Explore our collection, which includes:

1.​ Protective Cases: Safeguard your iPhone with our stylish and durable protective cases. From sleek designs to rugged options, our cases offer reliable defence against daily wear and tear and also accidental drops.

2.​ Screen Protectors: Maintain the pristine clarity of your iPhone display with our high-quality screen protectors. These ultra-thin and scratch-resistant shields provide an additional layer of defence for your device’s screen and your eyes.

3.​ Charging Cables and Adapters: Ensure seamless charging with our certified charging cables and adapters. Choose from a variety of lengths and styles to suit your preferences and charging needs.

4.​ Wireless Charging Pads: Experience the convenience of wireless charging with our collection of Qi-compatible charging pads. Streamline your charging process while adding a touch of modern sophistication to your workspace.

5.​ Bluetooth Earphones: Immerse yourself in superior audio quality with our Bluetooth earphones. Whether you prefer in-ear buds or over-ear styles, our collection offers options that cater to your audio preferences.

6. ​Power Banks: Stay powered on the go with our reliable collection of power banks. Compact and portable, our power banks ensure you never run out of battery when you need it most.

7. ​Car Mounts: Keep your iPhone accessible and secure while driving with our versatile car mounts. Choose from magnetic mounts, vent mounts, or windshield mounts for a safe and hands-free experience.

8. And many more

At Mr phone, we understand that quality accessories are integral to maximising your iPhone’s potential. Explore our curated collection, and elevate your iPhone experience with accessories that blend style, functionality, and durability.