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Which is the high end device you should buy this year?

Should I purchase the iPhone 8 series or Google’s Pixel?

With all the buzz around IPhone 8 models and iPhone X that has been recently unveiled, people looking forward to buy the new phone ASAP are extremely confused. This is because iPhone 8 models begin shipping on September 22 while the iPhone X won’t be sent out until November 3.

Adding to the competition there is also Google’s Pixel which will be released early in the first week of October. Even though much of it is unknown till date, we hope that behind the mystery lurks an unbelievable phone by Google.

Is iPhone 8 series and iPhone X really worth the hype? Some features to consider:

Hardware Design: The iPhone X’s bezel- less screen is really what really caught everyone’s eye. But this is not a thing of the new as Galaxy S8 and LGV30 already flaunt it. These aren’t available for the iPhone 8 models. There is also a protruding dual camera module which many a people won’t fancy.

Processor: Apple claims to have built the most efficient chip on the planet, the Bionic A11. But do you really need all that power? Also, not much was said about Apple’s personal assistant Siri while the Google assistant is getting smarter by day.

Camera: Even though Apple has one of the best cameras, the TrueDepth camerea, used for Animoji, Face ID, and a number of cool camera tricks, Google Pixel 2 seems to be a competitive rival based on tests conducted by DxOMark Mobile.

Face ID : It looks like Apple couldn’t find any way to tuck in any kind of fingerprint sensor underneath those OLED screens. Face ID is the new way of unlocking the device. But is it really secure? Can it adapt to the differences in your face? Will it work in the dark? Even though Apple gives you a thumb’s up, only time can reveal the success of this feature.

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