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Steps to Take Before Giving Phone for Repair

When we get a new phone, the way we take care of it is just amazing. We put a cover for it, screen guard everything possible to refrain it from any damage. But as the days pass by we lose interest in taking care of it and once the first scratch has occurred we will be sad for a while and then it will be a routine also we won’t mind it until something major happens. It so happens that some major damage internally or externally happens we have to give it to a repair somewhere. So while giving so you can make sure some steps are taken.

First of all, you can remove the SIM card which most everyone is doing. As SIM card doesn’t help you get your phone repaired it is not necessary and you can put it in some other spare phone for the time being so that your number is available for others. Next is make sure your phone password or passcode is disabled. If it is not then it will be difficult for the technicians to test the performance of the phone. SO it is always better to remove the password or similar things on any phone. Next is something very important.

If you have any kind of sensitive data then do make sure that you take a back up of it and then reset it and then only give it for repair because nowadays it is so common that phones that are lost or given for repair, the data in them are compromised. So no matter how much you know the ones at the repair shop you do the above and give it for repair.

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