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Jaw-dropping Features of iPhone X

Announced a new model of the iPhone is the most exciting phone in the current date, which overtakes the competitions of other phones. If you are still unaware of the features of the iPhone X then you should have a look at its updated functions.

There are given five top features of the new iPhone X which are wow!

Amazing display

The display of the new iPhone X is featured with a colorful OLED with pixels of more than two million. These features make iPhone X more surprising, amazing pixels means, sharper texts, or in fact, you can Zoom and Zoom. It’s more powerful video playback is just a wow for all movie lovers. iPhone X is full of surprises as you go next, you will meet with the jaw-dropping exciting features.

Better yet, from edge to edge its screen runs which enables it to cover more area without demanding a larger size for the phone. Even somehow if accidentally you destroy the screen of your new iPhone X, you can easily consult with the iPhone Repair in Dubai, and leave your phone into the hands of experts.

Facial Recognition

Get ready for another exciting feature; that is its facial recognition. All you need to do is to register into your phone with your face. After that, you can easily unlock your face by looking at it. Although most of the android phones like Galaxy S8 has this feature, it is not well furnished, and on the other hand, in Apple, this lock uses the 3-D imaginary scenario which is more relevant and secure. Which means no one can fool you with similar facial makeup like you.


We use our phones for fun, what if you find out an animoji just like you? It isn’t crazies thing you can enjoy with your friends. The new creations of Apple allow you to create small clips of your own emotions or even you can enjoy by making silly faces.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is extremely encouraged by the iPhone8, iPhone 8plus and now on iPhone X. Even the Qi standard chosen by Apple is quite slow, but you can easily carry the wireless charging pads anywhere either on restaurants, classrooms, etc. Apple claimed that they are still working to improve the wireless charging more effectively, probably they will bring new technology with more power.

Brand New Cameras

In today’s photogenic population, people’s only concern is the camera when they even plan to purchase a new phone. And the iPhone X already earned the most top place in this race. Its new 12-megapixel wide-angle lens and for accurate zooming its telephoto lens both are a marvelous combination. If you are a shutterbug then you can’t resist form iPhone X. Its front camera also allows having portrait pictures that give every picture a more professional look. Somehow if you feel that your iPhone is not working properly, you can take the help of Google just typing iPhone Repair Near Me.

Use these all features of the iPhone X and gather new experiences.