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Most Common IPhone Issues That We Fix

Many people all around the world use iPhones and in Dubai, IPhones sales are growing. It goes without saying that the iPhone is a hugely popular smartphone, with people storing everything from their household shopping list and family photos to important business contacts and appointments and therefore any damage to it can be a great inconvenience. Unfortunately no matter how well you take care of your phone, like most electronic devices it gets damaged and needs to be fixed. As leading Experts in iPad and iPhone repair Dubai, we have fixed all sorts of iPhone related issues and here are a few of the most common problems we’ve dealt with.

Screen repair- broken or cracked screen. The screen is usually one of the first parts to get damaged and in some instances even the phone case and the edges get bashed in. You don’t have to carry on with a cracked screen to save expenses on repair. Mr. Phone service team provides quick and affordable screen replacement and broken IPhone repair.

Water damage to the IPhone. Do not switch on your phone if it’s accidentally damaged by water. Switching on your phone can make the problem worse. Instead dry off the phone as best as you can and then contact the pros.
Unexpected technical malfunction. Hardware issues may cause technical glitches and it’s inadvisable to try and sort out this out on your own without any experience. You may unnecessarily end up losing important data stored on your phone. Always remember to back up your phone just in case.

IPhone parts replacement. Some common parts replacement we’ve done include screen, outer case, rear camera lens cover and dock connector. We stock genuine spare parts for all IPhone models and our skilled team can expertly repair your phone to its previous condition.

Mr. Phone provides professional services for IPhone repair Dubai. Most repairs can be accomplished in a day or two and with your convenience in mind, we also provide free pickup and delivery services for our customers.